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Appointment Scheduling for Tax Advisors and CPA's

Here comes tax season and things get busy. Clients call to schedule their tax preparation appointments, and you have to interrupt your work on the tax return in front of you, apologize to the client in your office, and pick up the ringing phone all the time. Hiring a receptionist is not always an option… nor should it be needed to get your scheduling back on track and reduce the number of phone calls you have to answer.

Solution is simple – web scheduling. It is not a secret that many CPA and tax advisors have already discovered benefits of having a business web site. Clients go online to read about tax preparation services, check out professional references, and learn about tax advisor qualifications and experience. Quality web sites attract many new referrals, encourages repeat business, and even helps winning lifetime clients. One small step can turn your web site into your virtual receptionist – why not allow your clients to book their appointments while they are on your web site? WithinMySite.com's Online Appointment Scheduler makes adding appointment scheduling to your web site quick and easy.

Scheduling appointments with our Online Appointment Scheduler was a complete success for many tax advisors in recent tax seasons. Many CPA's liked AppointmentQuest online scheduling so much, they kept using it beyond busy time of the tax season. For them, Online Appointment Manager have become an everyday appointment scheduling tool, their only scheduler.

Among the many features of WithinMySite's Online Appointment Scheduler are:

  • Easy setup – add online scheduling to your web site in less than an hour
  • Convenient way for your clients to schedule appointments – no need to call
  • Both you and your clients can access web scheduling day or night, 24/7
  • Few missed appointments – clients receive automatic e-mail reminders
  • Tested, used and proven to work for many tax advisors and CPA
Online Appointment Scheduler has all necessary features and capabilities to make it the only scheduling tool used in your office. It allows to always keep your appointment calendar up to date, sync appointments with Outlook or Palm Pilot, quickly enter phone-in appointments, print day schedules, appointment summaries, and more.

To find out how WithinMySite's Online Appointment Scheduler can help you to free up some time from answering phone calls and make appointment scheduling less of a hassle, open your no-obligation trial account today. Add online scheduling to your web site, test it with your clients, and see how they like the new way to schedule appointments for the tax preparation services you offer.

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