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 Online scheduling made fast, easy and affordable 
Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare

Patient scheduling can be greatly simplified with capable online scheduling tools and appointment management software. With the help of online scheduling, medical office staff can easily manage doctor's appointment schedules, patient records and individual appointments. Small medical practices can even allow patients to self-schedule their appointments online. Online scheduling is a great addition to any web site, an invaluable tool for communicating with patients.

WithinMySite.com Online Appointment Scheduler allows you to:

  • Schedule patients for exams, visits, treatments or procedures
  • Securely access appointment calendars from multiple offices
  • Easily navigate daily, weekly and monthly schedules
  • Search, browse and update patient contact information database
  • Create hardcopy and backup of appointments and patient records
  • Schedule patients for seasonal programs such as vaccinations
  • Schedule recurring appointments for multiple patient visits
  • Cross-schedule between multiple medical offices and clinics
  • Optionally allow patients to self-schedule appointments online
  • And more…

For several years online scheduling services have become a choice for many healthcare processionals in U.S. and Canada. Its ease of use, functionality and reliability make it possible for many medical offices to dramatically simplify patient scheduling and to gain gratitude from patients for such a convenient way to make appointments.

To find out how WithinMySite.com Online Appointment Scheduler can help your medical practice with patient scheduling and appointment management, open your free trial account today.

Medical Scheduling, Privacy and HIPAA

WithinMySite.com takes patient, doctor and staff privacy and information security very seriously by enforcing high standards of electronic and physical security on WithinMySite.com premises and data center space. WithinMySite.com does not collect, sell, share, disclose or provide customer, appointment and service provider information to any third parties unless required by law.

Many doctors and their office staff are looking for the right HIPAA-compliant services and software that will somehow transform their medical practice into being HIPAA-compliant. The fact is that software tools and software services can not be HIPAA-compliant, simply because software is a tool and not a business practice. It is important to understand that the term "HIPAA Compliance" refers to an organizational obligation and procedural integrity, but not to a technical specification or particular software tool.

HIPAA regulations do not apply to WithinMySite.com scheduling services since WithinMySite.com does not perform insurance, payment or related transactions (HIPAA transactions), and does not collect any medical history from patients. Nevertheless, WithinMySite.com Online Appointment Scheduler implements multiple features that help with HIAA-related issues, such as timed auto-logouts, protected passwords, strong 128-bit secure SSL encryption, patient registration and login options, just to name a few. Patient contact and appointment information is kept private and shared only with account administrator and authorized personnel.

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