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Appointment Scheduling for Education

WithinMySite's Appointment Scheduler helps to automate one of the most daunting tasks in school and college administration scheduling. Be it a parent conference, test, consultation, workshop, seminar WithinMySite.com has the right solution to accomplish your scheduling needs.

Let's take a look, for example, at a University Business School that has a class of 100 students. Students are required to attend orientation sessions once each semester, but each session can only take 20 students at a time. Scheduling this manually takes a lot of administrator's time, especially if there are many sessions to be scheduled at the beginning of each semester. WithinMySite.com has an easy and powerful solution: web scheduling. Administrator sets up a schedule for the session, defines dates, times and maximum number of students per session (with many other options available). Then, all students are given a specific URL to go to and self-schedule their attendance. At the end, the administrator only has to print out attendance sheets from our Online Appointment Scheduler just before each session.

  • Scheduling for Higher Education
Another example: your middle school periodically holds conferences for parents. There are a lot of students, a lot of parents; class room size is limited. Thus, principal or school administrator has to schedule 5-6 conferences in a row and assign parents to specific days. Talking to each parent to see their availability is inefficient and time consuming. Solution: web scheduling. Simply let parents schedule themselves for available days using our Online Appointment Scheduler.
  • Scheduling for K12
WithinMySite's Online Appointment Scheduler is a hosted application. This means you have no software to install or configure; no hardware to purchase and maintain; no cumbersome upgrades to worry about. Your web scheduling is fully managed and available to you and your students 24/7.
  • Private Lessons Scheduling
  • Group Classes Scheduling
  • Admissions Scheduling
  • Seminar Scheduling
  • Test Scheduling
To see why our Online Appointment Scheduler is the scheduling tool of choice for higher education institutions throughout United States and Canada, and to find out how online scheduling can help your department, open your free trial account today.
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